Damita Utley Of Springfield Asks, “Will You Join Us?”

This is very important to our community and our youth to keep marching…NorthCrest Over 32,000 patientsAd

Stop the viloence a 2014Stop the violence in our community will march

Monday at 8am in the Martin Luther King parade.

MLK Parade: Assembly at 7:30am at Covenant Confirmers Church on 10th Ave. East marching on Main St ending at  the Springfield Center with a community service following.

Also Jan.25 at 6pm on John.L Patterson.

Damita Utley

Together We Can Springfield

A very special woman has taken on the task of trying to do what she can to curb the violence in Springfield. Her name is Damita Utley and she’s has started a Facebook page called“Together We Can Springfield 37172″. This is very important to our community and our youth to keep marching and believing God that all the violence and killings stop so our community want have to hurt like so many others, says Damita. My heart and prayers are with all the victims and their families. Let’s take back what Satan has stolen. God is Able! Come out and help see a change!

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  1. afootupyours

    Violence is an ongoing pandamic like a disease spreading infectously around the world, this shouldn’t alarm you, when it erupts among the black community of Springfield, Tn.. We can only speak out against it, somewhat like speaking out against Homosexuals, it is an ongoing battle, Some not all of Mankind will eventually destroy themselves. Violence may become dormant for a while, but sooner or later it will revive causing heartaches and pains. Speaking out against it? doesn’t hurt to try, but your efforts are only a scene in the spotlight. Unless we can’t control the violence in our own homes, how can we control the violence on the streets, and that being in our very own homes. Until we can get a grip on what is going on in our own homes, with our own children, we could never be a good “stop the violence” representative. Because we and our children are part of the violence that is provoked in the community, gossip, gangs, guns, this tactic is used to only fool the police, check the police report and see if a representative child been involved in a crime around Robertson co. or elsewhere, Now you have it Ladies and Gentlemen.