Electrolux Confirms 3 New Cases Of COVID-19, One Pending

Electrolux Supplier Tests Positive For COVID-19, 3 Employees Sent Home, Building Sanitized

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Electrolux Confirms 3 New Cases Of COVID-19, One Pending

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – As Electrolux Manufacturing facility in Springfield works to limit the spread of COVID-19 within its manufacturing facility, the firm has announced that three more employees have tested positive with another potential case that’s pending test results.

“We learned today of three employees and another potential employee who confirmed positive for coronavirus. None have been in the factory since last week. The factory closed beginning on the 30th to allow professional crews to fog, sanitize and disinfect the building. In addition, we have implemented many safety steps including temperature scans, protective barriers, increased janitorial cleaning, sanitizing in high-traffic, high touch common areas and mandatory social distancing and face masks.” Eloise Hale – Corporate Communications Executive with Electrolux North America

Like many manufacturing companies across the nation, Electrolux is working to develop manufacturing protocols that limit the spread of COVID-19. A tremendous asset to Robertson County, Electrolux’s ability to continue to operate is important for the families that work at the firm and the company itself.

Last Thursday Electrolux closed down the entire plant for a deep cleaning following the discovery that one of their employees tested positive for COVID-19.

Smokey Barn News has reached to Electrolux on many occasions for updates. They have always been candid and quick to respond to our inquiries.

On May 2nd, the firm confirmed with Smokey Barn News that a second employee has tested positive for the virus.  After sanitizing the factory, Electrolux resumed operations on May 3.

Back on March 22, Electrolux announced that the firm had sent three of it’s Springfield employees home due to exposure to a supplier that tested positive for the Coronavirus. According to Electrolux back in March, the supplier was only in a small adjacent building and never in the main factory, adding that the adjacent building had been thoroughly sanitized and disinfected. FULL STORY But again the firm took swift action.