Exotic Lizard Found In Robertson County

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exotic lizrd found

Exotic Lizard Found In Robertson County

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – A Robertson County woman found an exotic lizard (Bearded Dragon) on the side of the road on Saturday, August 13.

The lizard was in a transport container and appears to have fallen from a vehicle.  The container was on the outside of a curve. “I do not feel this is an abandoned pet,” the woman told Smokey Barn News, “since it was in a container and in good condition.”

The woman (that wishes to remain anonymous) said she did some research on what to feed the lizard and it seems to be eating and in good health.

To claim your pet you’ll need to describe the transport container that the lizard was in and know roughly where in the county the lizard was lost. Email the info to [email protected]

We will arrange for you to be reunited with the lizard.

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