FREE Summer Grab N Go Meals For RC Students By TNKids Nutrition

FREE Summer Grab N Go Meals For RC Students By TNKids Nutrition

FREE Summer Grab N Go Meals For RC Students By TNKids Nutrition

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Back in April TNKids Nutrition announced a petition to extend the TNKids Nutrition program. In the words of the agency, “It worked!”

“GREAT NEWS!!! TNKids Nutrition will be providing grab-and-go breakfasts and lunches to children under the age of 19 in Robertson County again this summer. They will begin Monday, June 13. There are three different routes we will be running, and the locations and times are listed below. Look for the truck and/or van, and listen for the music.”

According to TNKids Nutrition, in addition to the routes, you can come to the TNKids warehouse at 1006 Pepper Street in Springfield Monday through Friday between 9:00 and noon to pick up food. The warehouse is two blocks behind the Depot Restaurant.

This program is for children under the age of nineteen.

“This has been such a blessing for our county! We are super excited about this opportunity that we didn’t think was going to happen!” said Ashley Caulfield.

Monday and Thursday Locations and Times

Golf Club Lane/Berra 9:00
Landrum Court/South Main 9:30
Skyview Terrace Apartments 9:30
Robinhood Apartments 9:45
Country Place Apartments 10:00
Cumberland Square Apartments 10:00
Shelby Lynn/Travis 10:00
Sleepy Hollow/Laramie 10:30
Woodland Apartments 11:00
Woodland Street/22nd Avenue 11:00
Woodland/21st 11:15
Park/20th 11:30
Batts/16th 12:00
Matthews Street Apartments 12:00
Greater South Baptist Church 12:30
Patterson/19th 12:30
19th Avenue/Short Cheatham 1:00
Patterson/14th 1:30
St. John’s AME Church 1:30
Central/Raines 2:00
Easy Living Trailer Park 2:00
Holly Cirlce/School Street 2:15
Pine Court/Central 2:30
Westgate/RW Gordon 2:30
RW Gordon/Theresa 3:00
Cofer/Lish 3:30
7th/Boren 4:00
Juanita/Silvia 4:00
Tuesday and Friday Locations and Times
Stokes Brown Library 9:00
Oak/1st 9:00
Pawnee/Brown 9:15
Brown/4th 9:30
Grace/Mable 9:30
Durrett/Crain 9:45
Hillside/Hunters Lane 10:15
Timberlake/Hunters Lane Crossing 10:00
Elder/Corbitt 10:30
Elder/Taylor Paige 10:45
Greystone/Sloan 11:00
Legacy Village Apartments 11:30
Rudolph Street Apartments 12:00
Circle Drive Mobile Home Park and Apartments 12:00
Sunset/Block 12:15
17th Street Apartments 12:15
Queen Anne/Westminster 1:00
17th/Ben 1:00
17th/Park Meadow 1:15
16th/Page 1:15
16th/Rawls 1:30
Carden Circle 2:00
Goldcrest/10th 2:30
10th/Hayes 3:00
Hayes/Pitt 3:30
6th/Mable 3:30
Wednesday Locations and Times
Hwy 76/Hwy 41, Adams 9:00
Cedar Hill City Hall 9:00
Trailer Park, 4916 Hwy 431 N 9:45
Orlinda Church of Christ 10:15
Cross Plains United Methodist 10:45
Ridgetop Station Park 10:45
Ridgewood Apartments 11:15
Rose Street/Old Greenbrier Pike 11:30
Greenbrier City Hall 11:45
Calvary Baptist Church 12:15
Oakland Farms 1:00

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