Free Tax Prep By United Way For Households Earning Under 70K

Free Tax Prep By United Way For Households Earning Under 70KFree Tax Prep By United Way For Households Earning Under 70K

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) Robertson County United Way is offering Free Tax Prep with IRS-certified Tax Preparers available to households earning $70,000 and below who utilize a standard deduction; no income cap for the DIY option.

Open Tuesdays 5-8pm and Saturdays 9a-1p at the Robertson County Board of Education, 800 MS Couts Blvd, Springfield.

February 1 – April 15

Call or click for an appointment: P (615) 780-2511 |

What everyone needs to file:

• Government-issued photo ID for you and for your spouse if you are filing a joint return. Please note: Both spouses must be present if filing a joint return. If you are Married Filing Separate, you will need your spouse’s Social Security Number and date of birth.
• Original Social Security cards or ITINs for everyone in your household on the tax return—NO exceptions. SSA-1099 is also accepted.
• All W-2s and other income documents. This may be Social Security income, Retirement Income, Unemployment, Interest, Dividends, Cash Income, Gambling Income, Self-employment Income.
• Exact amount of money your household received for the third stimulus check around March 2021.
• For the refund to be deposited directly to your bank (the safest and fastest way), you will need the routing number and account number. This can be found on a check. You can split your refund into two or three different bank accounts, like checking and savings. Spouses can split their refund.

You may also need:

• If you have children, you may have received direct deposit or check payments from the IRS between July and December 2021. We need to know the total amount of Advance Child Tax Credit that you received. The IRS sent you a letter in December or you can check your bank statements.
• If you have children in daycare, you will need proof of childcare expenses. You should receive a form from the daycare.
• If someone in your household is in college, you will need form 1098-T and student account statement from the school along with any other expenses, such as books.
• If someone in your house was self-employed, you need a copy of their 1099 statement(s) and details about their work expenses.
• If you have health insurance through the Marketplace, please have form 1095-A ready.
• If you or your spouse has a Health Savings Account (HSA) you will need Form 1099-SA and/or Form 5498-SA. Form 1099-SA has the amount of money spent from your HSA account and Form 5498-SA has the amount of money contributed to your HSA account.
• If you have been a victim of identity theft, you will need your Identity Protection PIN Number issued by the IRS.
• If you give to charitable organizations, have the dollar amount contributed ready.
• Most people take the standard deduction rather than itemize. If you want to itemize, or if you are unsure if you can itemize, gather all medical expenses, property tax and mortgage interest. If you made a major purchase with a high dollar amount of sales tax, such as a vehicle, you will need a receipt showing the amount of sales tax you paid.
• A copy of your last year’s tax return is optional.

Ways to file:

In-person VITA*
Make an appointment or
walk in at one of our sites.

Virtual VITA*
Upload photos of your tax documents
from your phone or tablet to our
encrypted platform. We will call you
while working on your return.

Do It Yourself
Use our free, do-it-yourself platform
that has a helpline if you get stuck.
No income restrictions.

February 1 – April 15

Call or click for an appointment: P (615) 780-2511 |

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