Greenbrier Home Explodes Becomes Fireball

Greenbrier Home Explodes Becomes Fireball

UPDATE: According to the Robertson County Emergency Management Agency, no one was injured in the explosion or subsequent fire.

GREENBRIER, TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – A Greenbrier home is a total loss following a massive fire that neighbors said started with a large explosion.

The home is located on Graceland Way not far from Hwy 41 and Hygeya Rd, the first call coming into 911 at 9:50 am. The caller stated that the fire was big and could possibly ignite a neighbor’s home. MAP

The fire appears to have started at the back side of the home which is completely gone. Firefighters from Springfield, Ridgetop, Greenbrier, and the White House Community all responded to the fire.

The fire produced a massive plume that was visible all over Greenbrier, with some neighbors reporting a mushroom cloud of fire following the explosion.

Officials at the scene were not completely sure that everyone was out of the home, however, the homeowners did arrive on the scene.  As soon as we have confirmation that all are safe, we will update this report.

Area Firefighters made every effort to save as much of the home as possible while preventing the fire from jumping to adjacent homes. The cause of the fire has not been released but it may take some time for investigators to piece together what happened considering the extensive damage to the home.

Rehab 83 also responded to the scene. Rehab 83 consists of volunteers who support 1st responders with cold water, a place to sit down, or a snack. It’s a lifeline for Firefighters who may get exhausted and overheated while fighting a fire.  More on Rehab 83 and how to volunteer.

Once we have the official word that everyone made it out of the home safely, we will update our report. Reload this page for updates.