Greenbrier PD Capture Multiple Suspects, Seize Drugs/Money/Rolexes

Greenbrier PD Capture Multiple Suspects, Seize Drugs/Money/Rolexes

Greenbrier PD Capture Multiple Suspects, Seize Drugs/Money/Rolexes

GREENBRIER TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – It’s been a busy month for Greenbrier Police who have captured several suspects and intercepted drugs they believe were headed for the streets. During one sting operation this week, thousands of dollars in cash and expensive jewelry were seized.

A few days ago Greenbrier Detectives received information that two men using fake prescriptions were going to try to obtain liquid codeine (270-milliliter bottle of codeine syrup) from a pharmacy in Greenbrier. Sometimes called the “Purple Drank” or “Lean” the drug is powerful and has been linked to the death of addicts using the drug cocktail.

After receiving information from an informant, Greenbrier Detectives set up a sting operation at the pharmacy. A short time later the suspects, 24-year-old Abdurrahman Kamorudeen Abidogum and his alleged accomplice 24-year-old Hamad Fayez-Salem Ghwari were sitting in the back of squad cars. The two men were captured as they exited the pharmacy with the drugs, police said. Capturing the suspects outside was done to protect customers and employees inside the store.

When questioned, the men allegedly spoke to each other in another language and then stopped talking, according to Greenbrier PD.

Greenbrier Police believe the two men are part of an operation hopping small towns across the southeastern US hitting Florida, Alabama, and Georgia on their way up to Tennessee and ultimately Greenbrier.

Abidogum has been charged with FRAUD: FORGED PRESCRIPTION X 2, DRUG, MFG/DEL/SALE/POSS SCH II, RESISTING STOP-ARREST,  SIMPLE POSS SCH II X 2. His bond has been set at $100,000.00.

Ghwari has been charged with DRUG, MFG/DEL/SALE/POSS SCH II, and SIMPLE POSS SCH II X2.  His bond has been set at $85,000.00.

The arrests came with the seizure of $13,000 in cash, and jewelry- including Rolex watches, cell phones, and computers.

CASE II: An Officer’s Memory Is Put To The Test…

In an unrelated case, a Greenbrier Police Officer’s eight-year-old memory of a suspect would be put to the test during a routine traffic stop. Back in December, Monray Johnson, 25, was a passenger in a vehicle cruising through Greenbrier. The vehicle failed to stop at a traffic light and was pulled over by Greenbrier Police Officer Pack.

In a strange coincidence, eight years earlier Officer Pack (with another agency) was the very same officer that transported Monray Johnson (pictured below) to prison to serve an eight years sentence for aggravated robbery. What Pack likely didn’t know was that Johnson had served the 8-year term and was now just days out of prison. In addition to that, there were warrants for Johnson’s arrest out of Madison, Alabama.

When questioned, Police say Johnson told Officer Pack that his name was “David Williams” but he had no ID to prove it. When asked for a date of birth Johnson gave two different dates, police said.

Remember, that 8-year-old memory is ticking for Officer Pack. At some point, it clicks and Officer Pack remembers, this is not “David Williams,” this is Monray Johnson. After Pack connected the dots Johnson was quickly taken into custody.

WKRN News 2 reports that “According to a Metro police press release from 2016, the FBI actively helped Middle Tennessee law enforcement agencies from Nashville to Smyrna to Franklin, as well as agencies in Kentucky and Alabama, track Johnson.

“According to the press release, Johnson was accused in a string of robberies where store clerks were ordered to hand over the cash or they’d be shot.

“A warrant from Franklin police dated Dec. 26, 2015, indicates that Johnson went to a customer service center located in the 1000 block of Riverside Drive in Franklin. The affidavit said Johnson approached the clerk when the phone rang. The voice on the phone told the clerk that the man at the counter was to be given the Western Union Money and that he had a gun.

“The affidavit went on to say Johnson displayed what appeared to be a gun. When asked a question, Johnson reportedly fled without receiving any money,” according to a News 2 report.

The below photos are from the pharmacy sting…

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