How Do You Thank An Officer? A Surprising Story….

Then a call to 911 about a burglary…. “I’ll take that one”  an officer radios back.

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Friday January 9, 2015
Robertson County, Tenn.

A story that might surprise you…..

Today Is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is a day set aside for citizens to show their appreciation to the 780,000 police officers across the United States for all the great work they do.

The question is, how do you show appreciation to an officer? With that thought in mind, Smokey thought, perhaps a window into the life of an officer might be a good place to start. After all, if you’re going to thank someone for something, it’s a good idea to know why you are thanking them.

Below is a list of calls that Robertson County law enforcement officers responded to recently, they are all real calls right here in Robertson County, you might find the results interesting. The following information was obtained from our local Robertson County 911 dispatch center.

The day kicks off by serving a warrant, then a call comes in that an officer is needed to stop a family argument. After that its a simple traffic stop, a few minutes later a call comes in to 911 about an accident. “We have a motor-vehicle accident with injuries.” They will need traffic control and a specially trained officer to investigate the wreck.

Then officers are called out to another family argument. About that same time a call comes in about a reckless driver, officers will have to try to find the vehicle. Then a call comes in about a suspicious vehicle that needs to be checked out.

While all that is going on a call comes into 911 for a “Motorist Assist” someone needs help on the side of the road…. “I’ll take that call,” an officers says back to dispatch. Then, a call comes into 911 that an officer is needed at a home to resolve an issue… Guess we’ll find out when we get there…

Then, a call comes into 911 that someone’s property has been stolen and an officer is needed to investigate and take a report. Oops, there’s another call for an officer to resolve a family dispute. Then around that same time, another wreck, no injuries this time, that’s good. An officer will still need to investigate the accident and file a report.

Then, a call comes in about a burglary…. “I’ll take that one”  an officer radios back. Someone broke into a home over night, they’ll need a report.

Minutes later a call goes out about a possible suicide, officers are dispatched to the home. All suicides are investigated by a police detective. While officers are responding to that call, two hangup calls come into 911. Police have to respond to every 911 call that comes in, even if the caller says it was an accidental miss-dial.

A little while later, oops, there’s another call about a reckless driver. “Where was that? “I got that one…..-10-4.” Then a call comes in about an unwanted guest, police will need to go check it out. Then a fire alarm goes off at a local company, officers respond to secure the business, firefighters respond, false alarm,..”Everything’s 10-4 here.”

TN Realty Red Barn 300Then, a motorist calls 911, they need an officer… “I’ got it,” an officer radios back. Then,  another request for an officer at a home followed by a call about a stolen vehicle comes in, an officer is needed to take a report. Then an alarm goes off at another local business, officers are needed to secure the building.

Then, a call comes in that someone is making threats to someone and officers  are needed. Then two more requests for officers.

As the day winds to an end police are called to investigate another accident with injuries.  After responding to the accident police are called out to another family argument. The last call of the day,  a motorist needs assistance… “I’ve got that one,” a tired officer responds back to dispatch.

The surprising thing is,  this was just one day in Robertson County, in fact, it was Christmas Day 2014…

Remember that first question?.  “How do you thank an officer?”  Well, that part is up to you.

NOTE: Though there is a suicide mentioned in this report, Smokey does not generally report  suicides or release names of victims unless requested to by authorities for investigatory reasons. We decided for the integrity of this report we would release the information but not the location or names.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

Robertson County occupies just over 470.0 square miles with a population of about 65,000. Cities within Robertson County are: Adams, Barren Plains, Cedar Hill, Coopertown, Cross Plains, Greenbrier, Millersville, Orlinda, Port Royal, Ridgetop Springfield, Stroudsville, Turnersville, and White House. More Robertson County Facts.

Jim Ball reporting.

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