Low Flying Helicopters In Robertson County, What’s Up?

The reports came in that the helicopters were flying low and hovering…..

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 Smokey Barn News
Thursday July 10, 2014
Robertson County – Tenn.

Low Flying Helicopters In Robertson County, What’s Up?

Smokey started getting calls and emails early this morning from our readers asking why helicopters are flying around Robertson County. The reports came in that the helicopters were flying low and hovering in one location or a another for extended periods. For the residents in the Smiley Hollow area it was feeling a little like deja vu of last weeks man-hunt.

Hutch fall add 300Here’s what Smokey has for you so far. First, we believe there’s a good chance the helicopters were searching for drug related crops as part of the Governors marijuana joint task force. If true the helicopters are flying low to better search for marijuana crops. Though no agency would specifically confirm it, Smokey did receive a tip from a reliable source that indicated they were searching for marijuana crops. 

Additionally, all the agencies we contacted said they had no police related activities going on in the Robertson County area that involve the use of helicopters except the T.H.P.. The T.H.P. did confirm that the helicopters were theirs and they did have them in operation in the Robertson County area. When we asked the T.H.P if they were looking for marijuana we were told, “We can’t confirm nor deny it.,” followed by,  “but we can tell you that there is no man hunt going on.”  We were also told that if it is the Governors marijuana joint task force they would likely be using the T.H.P.’s helicopters.

From time to time the Governors marijuana joint task force will announce that they have seized and destroyed crops and made arrests. Perhaps Robertson County will get a press release in a few days too. 

The important thing is that there is no man hunt going on in the woods again. As soon as we can get confirmation from the Governors marijuana joint task force we will let you know.

Assuming it was the Governors marijuana joint task force, we decided to wait to publish this report until later in the day as to not affect the operation. Additionally, we received so many calls and emails from our readers concerned about the helicopters (especially in the wake of last week’s man hunt in the Sleepy Hollow area) that we wanted to (at least) get some information out there.

As soon as we have more information we will bring it to you.

Did you see the helicopters today?

Smokey Barn News

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Latest Comments
  1. Westborn

    Weed is going to be legalized in TN. State is already talking about. They want to find all the private stuff so they can tax them or make them start from scratch and get taxed. Good farms will just have it all covered anyway.
    A few years from now the same choppers might be landing in your yard to try and confiscate your guns.

  2. Trish

    Unfortunately, we live in a state where marijuana is illegal. I agree that it should be legalized and taxed, but that is not the case. If you don’t want the cops looking for illegal plants, call your state representatives and lets push to get it LEGALIZED!!!

  3. frustatated

    Our tn legislature has to man up and do the right thing. How long will u keep locking up our people for marijuana. I remember when the govt was for the people, what happened?

  4. Joy M

    Could it be possible that where there is weed, there is meth?

    • Trish

      Not growing in fields.

  5. Tracy Traughber

    Come to Cedar Hill, don’t know how much pot you will find but know you will find some interesting things going on down there …..

  6. American

    Fantastic…hunt for plants….WAY TO GO TN. Waste a few more hundred thousand while you are at it. Wasting money on tracking down a plant, what a bunch of morons.