Man Hunt On Smiley Hollow Rd Tuesday Morning

The two suspects came into Robertson County from Edgar Dillard Rdtea items 511 ad

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Tuesday July 1, 2014
Robertson County, Tenn  

 Search for second suspect Paused (SEE UPDATE BELOW)

Man Hunt On Smiley Hollow Rd Tuesday Morning

Police from Metro Nashville, Greenbrier, Coopertown, Ridgetop and the Robertson County Sheriff’s office have been searching for two men that fled in a stolen pickup truck for a better part of Tuesday morning. The two suspects came into Robertson County with Metro-Nashville Police behind them from Edgar Dillard Rd then over to Betts Rd and finally over to Smiley Hollow Rd where (According to Don Aaron, Public Affairs Manager with Metro Nashville Police) “The two suspects Bailed from the pickup truck on foot.” (Location of search area)

Simpkins living room adA police helicopter and (K-9 units (police dogs) have been employed to locate the two suspects. At some point the suspects separated and as of 10:30AM the police K-9 unit had located one of the suspects and he is in custody.

Police have blocked off the search area restricting traffic until the second suspect is captured.


The second suspect is still at large and police are still searching the area. Metro Nashville has pulled out of the area and local agencies are still searching.

A source has told Smokey that the chase was initiated by Metro Nashville Police in the Nashville area. The stolen pickup truck was allegedly hauling copper. Metro Nashville began to follow the suspects after spotting the stolen truck and called in a helicopter to assist. The Suspects came up Whites Creek Pike and into Robertson County around 9:00AM Tuesday morning and several local police agencies quickly help set up a perimeter to contain the suspects.

Once in the area around Smiley Hollow Rd the suspects quickly disappeared into a thick snake infested wooded area. Smokey was told by one source that the Metro Nashville Police helicopter went through two tanks of gas following and searching for the suspects.

One suspect was captured after about two hours and was transfused to Vanderbilt Medical Center due to injuries he sustained during his capture. The second suspect is still at large in the area as of 1:42PM.

The remaining suspect is described as a white male in his 40’s wearing a gray shirt and blue jeans or possible work pants.

Police advise, stay indoors until the final suspect is captured and call 615-384-4911 if you have any information on the location of the final suspect.

UPDATE 3:22PM Search for second suspect Paused….

The search has been scaled back, you may still see the police in the area but for the most part the search is over and the roads should be clear. The suspect may have slipped by the police perimeter but with the one suspect in custody the odds are the second suspect will be in custody soon too. Smokey will continue will ping Metro-Nashville Police for updates on the second suspect. As soon as they have him in custody we will bring you that update.

UPDATE 4:55PM Woods Fire Reported In search Area

A woods fire has been reported at 5552 Smiley Hollow Rd which is right in the middle of the search area.  The call came in at 4:50PM. 

UPDATE On Fire: The fire was accidental, it only affected a small area and is now under control. Just a coincidence that it occurred in the search area.

Smokey is currently tracking this story, reload this page for updates.


Photo Submitted Amanda Johnston-Chance


Photo Submitted Amanda Johnston-Chance


Photo Submitted Amanda Johnston-Chance

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  1. Sarah

    No one said they were trying to kill the men who stole the truck. There had to be a reason for them to use the manpower they used. Until the facts come out, its best not to assume anything, cause you know what assume means.

  2. Darlene Sullivan

    That’s good that they are tracking them, but do you think they should use all of this Manpower, several cities and the Helicopter! They didn’t murder anyone did they? What a waste of gasoline for the Copter and one of them having to be transported to Vandy! He must be seriously hurt, if he was transported. Don’t get me wrong, they shouldn’t have stolen the truck, but to try and kill them over it! Makes one think that they just don’t have enough to do up here in the country…Thanks for reporting though Smokey Barns!

  3. Erin Jenkins

    Ok Sam Welch. Don’t need dumb comments on here. Thanks for the updates everyone. It’s about half a mile from my house. Lots of police patrolling.

    • Sam welch

      That’s fine just stay in your houses whatever !!!

  4. Amanda

    We were told by a robertson county sheriffs officer that they have one suspect in custody and the other suspect was a white male with dark hair.

    • Mary Ellen Mondt

      No one should have to be on the look out for someone who has no more sense to steal something of someone else’s. No matter how much gas it takes they need to do what they need to do. Yeah it is easy for someone else to say that if they do not live in the are. Also how do you know that they would not kill someone if they wanted to get away from the law. If you steal you would go that extra mile not to get caught. Invite him to your area to steal something that belongs to you or try to hurt someone close to you.