Millersville Fire Chief Terminated As City Continues To Make Leadership Changes

Millersville Fire Chief Terminated As City Continues To Make Leadership Changes

 Millersville Fire Chief Terminated As City Continues To Make Leadership Changes

UPDATE: According to City Attorney Bryant Kroll, Bill Mounts has been promoted to Interim Fire Chief of the Millersville Fire Department. Mounts has been with the department for about 1.5 years. Kroll told Smokey Barn News that mutual aid agreements with adjacent fire departments are working with normal response times.

MILLERSVILLE TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – In the past couple of weeks the city of Millersville has made several leadership changes that include the City Manager, the City Attorney, and the Police Chief. Now Fire Chief Brandon Head has been added to that list. City Manager Tina Tobin confirmed that Chief Head was let go today.

Chief Head/ PHOTO: WKRN

According to Millersville’s newly appointed City Attorney Bryant Kroll, the city’s mutual aid agreements with other Fire Departments will adequately cover the city in the event of an emergency. Smokey Barn News has confirmed that surrounding agencies are ramping up to fill any void left by Head’s departure.

In a conversation with Smokey Barn News this afternoon, Kroll alleges that Head was not forthcoming during an internal investigation pertaining to the prior administration. The investigation (in part) involved a concerted effort to conceal access to documents and electronic files, Kroll said. Kroll added that Head deleted his cell phone following his termination.

Smokey Barn News spoke to Chief Head this evening. “I was terminated this afternoon, about 2:54 pm by the Interim City Manager.  No cause given, just, she told me they were looking to go a different direction. I told her I’ve been a faithful employee, servant to the city, public servant, dedicated my entire adult life to that city. I filled multiple positions in the Fire Department. Was hired on full-time in 2015 with the Building Department. Was appointed interim Chief in 2018 and took over as Chief of the Fire Department. Zero writeups, zero disciplinary actions. – I really hate it for the community because they’re left with little to no fire personnel.”

Smokey Barn News is continuing to receive messages from Millersville Firefighters who are resigning in the wake of Head’s dismissal. Ten at last count.

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