Missing Time Capsule Stumps Adams Historians & They Need Your Help

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The year was 1975 and a small group stood outside the Adams School house. This would be the last year for the faithful old school building as an educator. And just as the old TC 3schoolhouse was about to pass from education onto the many things it would be used for in her retirement, it was decided that putting a Time-Capsule in the ground in front of the old building would be a way to reach out to future generations. Well then the clock started ticking, and ticking, and ticking. In fact for a while they completely forgot about the old Time-Capsule, but finally after almost 40 years someone finally remembered. So a date was picked and a grand celebration was set into motion.

A few days ago local historians got together and like something out of Raiders Of The Lost Ark they began the search for that 38 year old Time-Capsule. They believed it was buried out by the old flag pole and so the excavation began. About four hours into the digging came the first TC 1fears that they were either missing key information or the Time-Capsule had been dug up years earlier.

After a day of moving inch by inch they finally gave up looking. Smokey chatted with Adams City Recorder Joi Garrett and it was clear there was a feeling of sadness… Where is it? When Ms. Garrett told me the Time Capsule was missing I must confess I thought about getting a shovel myself. What a wonderful little piece of history it would have been. I imagined the contents carefully laid out in a beautiful glass case with special lighting and a line of people slowly drifting by with a look of wonderment on their faces. Well though the loss of the Time-Capsule is a little sad the grand celebration is going forward as planned, it’s going to be a wonderful day filled with music, dancing, those jumpy bounce houses for the kids, great food and more->  (See here for full details). As far as the Time-Capsule, they’re burying a new one that will be filled with all the stuff one might need to survive in 2013, I guess it’s just a cell phone…

TC 2At any rate, after chatting with Joi Garrett for a while it was decided that it might be possible to nudge a clue out of the public.  So we bring it to you Robertson County, do you have any information on the old Time-Capsule? Do you know someone that attended the old Adams school that might remember some tiny clue?

If you do have any information please call 615-513-9844 or email [email protected]

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The important thing to remember is that the celebration is going to be wonderful with or without the old Time-Capsule… It’s going to be a wonderful day for the entire family.. (see below for more info)

At right is the new Time-Capsule being held by Lisa Jernigan. By the way, the new Time Capsule will be buried in secret and the GPS coordinates locked in a safe.

Jim Ball reporting

May 11: All Day Event! @ BellSchool Grounds in Adams Tennessee 7617 Highway 41
Adams,TN 37010. The City of Adams presents Jubilee, a celebration of special dates: The

BellSchool is 100 Years Old, Our City has been incorporated 50 Years, Our Mayor has been on the commission 30 Years. Enjoy activities all day and night. There will be fun for the entire family! FREE Admission; Some costs for food and special activities. For more info call: (615) 696-259

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