New BBQ’er Comes To Greenbrier

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Smokin Guns BBQ now open slider

Smokey Barn News
Monday November 24, 2014
Greenbrier, Robertson County, Tenn.

New BBQ’er Comes To Greenbrier

smokin guns grill

With all the news lately Smokey doesn’t get to try new restaurants like we used to but today we squeezed one in. It’s called Smokin’ Guns BBQ and they’re located in Greenbrier.  Opening up in March, Smokin’ Guns BBQ sits on the Springfield side of Greenbrier just passed Greenbrier Elementary. MAP

Just to be clear, Smokin’ Guns is not a sponsor of Smokey Barn News and this is our actual honest review.

Not being food experts we just stopped in to see what they had. I brought my 13 year old son along with us to see what he thought, he hates everything.

Like I said, we are not experts, just some hungry people with a hankering for some good BBQ. One thing I  (Jim) always look for is a clean place. If they want me to eat there it has to be clean and Smokin’ Guns was very clean, so far so good.

IMG_1981The next thing was the service, service was very good. They let us eat with just the right amount of, “Do you need anything?,” …

During the 2010 flood in Nashville, the owner of  Smokin’ Guns Chris Littlefield, lost a trucking business and had been looking for something new that he knew a lot about, in this case it was BBQ.  Chris has been BBQ’en for many years and has the trophies to prove it. He told us that even his daughter BBQ’s and she starting to win her own trophies too, so it looks like its in the genes.

Belle holding awardI know what you’re thinking, what good is a bunch of trophies if the food isn’t any good. As we awaited for the moment of truth (somewhere in the middle of the cooking process) the manager of Smokin’ Guns, Belle Jackson, came out and said, “Hot or mild?” I thought, gosh, I don’t want to die, I better go easy, then I thought, lets push it to the limit and live on the edge a little, so I yelled out, “Hot.” It made me feel like I had just joined a club, a club of generations of brave men.

As I sat down, I was secretly afraid that my decision was going to overload us all but when the food arrived and we tasted it we all knew I had made the right choice.

When we were done they came out and asked what we thought of the meal,  we were all smiles. It’s so fun to say food is good when it’s actually good, and in this case the food was very good.  It made sense with all the trophies they had perched on the counter. There was little doubt that Chris and his manager Belle were in the game to make great food, the money seemed secondary. Even my son that hates everything ranked their hamburger a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10, from him that’s unbelievable.

Smokin’ Guns has three ways to get your fix, you can take it to-go, eat outside on their benches (weather permitting) or you can eat indoors in their small IMG_1979dining room. Speed? speed was good, in all it took about 10 minutes to prepare our food. Time is important to Smokey, Robertson County keeps us on a tight schedule.

Will we be back? Yes…

By the way Smokin’ Guns can cook your turkey for you for a dollar a pound, you bring the turkey. Just give them a call or stop by with your purchased turkey 12-15 pounds preferred. Spots are limited and filling up fast. Also, if you want them to smoke your Thanksgiving bird, remember the deadline to do so is Tuesday November 25th. They will also be making dressing and giblet gravy. These items also must be pre-ordered.

They also accept orders for meetings and parties too and they even serve breakfast!

Desserts vary from red velvet cake to homemade banana pudding. Follow Smokin’ Guns BBQ on Facebook

Smokin’ Guns BBQ in located at 2641 Hwy 41 North Greenbrier, Tennessee (615) 557-6828


Tues. – Fri. 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Saturday 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Sunday & Monday CLOSED

 FULL MENU (Breakfast & Lunch – CLICK TO ENLARGE)FRONTMENU-page0001






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