Pbody’s In Springfield Closes Its Doors For Good


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Pbody’s In Springfield Closes Its Doors For Good

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – For fans of Pbody’s restaurant in Springfield, Saturday was the last day to enjoy their food in Robertson County. At 9:3opm tonight Pbody’s closed their doors in Springfield for good, a decision that comes just over three months after they opened.

The restaurant chain’s decision to close their Springfield store was a difficult one, according to co-owner Nick Harrington in a conversation with Smokey Barn News Saturday evening. The store is located at 2007 Memorial Blvd, next to AutoZone.

Browns paint body ad 300We just wanted to thank the community for their support and to those that supported us. There are other circumstances but the biggest one was we just didn’t take off like we thought we would,” Harrington said. “Our Clarksville restaurant will stay open, so if you have gift cards you bought over the holidays you are welcome to use them at our Clarksville store.”

I‘ve lived here (Springfield) for 22 years, this is my home town, so I want to personally thank everyone that did support us.  It’s a sad day for us,” Harrington  said.   “It was just one of those things we had to do.”

Harrington asked us to stress how appreciative he was for everyone that helped.

The restaurant business seems to be a challenging one in the Robertson County area. Though we don’t have general restaurant statistics for the middle Tennessee region, we have seen a good number of restaurants come and go over just the last few years in Robertson County. Pbody’s is about the third of  forth restaurant/bar to fail in that same location in recent years.

The good news here is that for fans of Pbody’s they are still within reach. Their Clarksville store is just a short drive away. Pbody’s in Clarksville is located as 1042 S Riverside Dr, here a MAP.

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Latest Comments
  1. Blanche

    I personal enjoyed the food. My granddaughter and I ate there once and have been looking forward to visiting Springfield (home) again to assure a stop there on our plans. I had the wings and OMG!!!! They were AWESOME!! My waitress was Jackie…always smiling..VERY Friendly and welcoming. The prices were a little higher than zi expected. My personal opinion on why their business didnt do as well as they had hope is they were closed on SUNDAY of all days…A lot of people I go to eat after church on Sunday’s. I understand and appreciate their thought behind it but it was doomed to me by that simple factor. Wish them well in Clarksville.

  2. Livinonless

    The sign was WAY too small!!!!! I had a hard time finding it even after I knew where it was! Also, for anyone looking for a place to eat, if you didnt know that it was a restaurant through word of mouth it sounds and looks like a GYM!!! Thats what I thought it was until some told me otherwise. Horrible marketing!!! I got food to go one time there, food was good, but service was slow and prices were high. I think it boils down to poor business management. Also, due to the high crime in Springfield, we stopped going out at night. Everywhere I go anymore, outside of Springfield, the high crime is the talk of Springfield. Its just not a safe place to go.

    They will probably just put another cash advance or bail bonds place there.