Police Pursuit Ends With One In Custody Monday

Police Pursuit Ends With One In Custody Monday

CROSS PLAINS (Smokey Barn News) – If you live along the Eastern side of Robertson County you may have caught the edge of a police chase Monday evening.

Around 5:00 pm Millersville Police were dispatched to I-65 Northbound to assist Goodlettsville Police who were attempting to catch up to a Toyota Prius which was being monitored by “Onstar” GPS and was reported stolen out of Davidson County.

Millersville Police located the vehicle as it passed the 104-mile marker and attempted to pull the vehicle over. The vehicle did not stop and continued on I-65 North without pulling over.

Officers remained behind the vehicle with emergency equipment activated. Once on Highway 25, Millersville Police terminated their part of the pursuit after the suspect vehicle sideswiped another vehicle.

There was very little damage to the other vehicle and no injuries occurred. Multiple agencies were involved in a perimeter search for the occupant(s) of the stolen vehicle. A juvenile was located in the area and turned over to Gallatin Police as a possible suspect.

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