Robertson County Schools Ranked In Top 30% In The State

Robertson County Schools Ranked In Top 30% In The State

Robertson County Schools Ranked Top 30% In The State

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – The Tennessee Department of Education State Report Cards for school districts were recently released. As reported to the Robertson County Schools Board of Education, RCS was ranked 39th out of the 146 statewide districts (placing them in the top 27%) and received a “Satisfactory” ranking from the department.

The recognition of two schools (Greenbrier Elementary and White House Heritage High) as Reward Schools coupled with multiple schools meeting their Annual Measurable Objectives, were indicators of the continuing effort and focus on the part of RCS educators. Strong achievement growth was reflected, especially in English Language Proficiency which has been a recent district focus. These ELP assessments were nearly double the previous year.


Graduation rates, while lower than desired, are expected to show significant growth again in the future, with the non-renewal of the prior statewide virtual school contract. The graduation rate of all five local high schools averaged 93.28%

Other takeaways reported include:

• Student achievement improved over last year in 3 out of 4 subjects for grades 3-8.
• High school student achievement improved over last year in 6 out of 7 subjects.
• Every grade band saw improvement in chronic absenteeism rates. We exceeded our target by 200% as a district.
• Advanced Placement success rates increased for the 3rd year in a row.

Several areas of concern were defined in the report and include:

• The need to continue improving achievement rates district-wide.
• Elementary growth measures were off. While student achievement showed increases in multiple areas, growth scores were lower than expected due to exceptionally strong scores in previous years. We look forward to seeing a return to our historical trend in this area.
• The need to strengthen the high school math curriculum and hire new, highly qualified teachers. Current staffing in this area is still short of district needs.
• ACT composite scores have dropped statewide, and this is reflected in district scores.
• Graduations rates, while strong, are not where the district would like them to be.


On receipt of the report card results earlier this year prior to public release, responses were immediately developed including a district plan addressing areas of need and improving areas of strength. One example involves district-wide focused professional development for all math teachers mimicking the recent successful literacy training which resulted in increased English Language Arts rates.

Overall, although RCS scores demonstrate room for improvement, there are notable positives to build on, including achievement scores which rose last year in 15 out of 16 areas. Professional development training in high school literacy and elementary math has generated growth and improvement as well, indicating a need to continue and expand this coaching. Looking ahead, RCS pledges continued efforts, applied by dedicated and committed educators, with a goal of measured growth leading to increased student achievement.

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