Robertson County Schools Safety And What You Can Do

Robertson County Schools Safety And What You Can Do

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – In the wake of the tragedy at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that has forever changed many lives, the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office is addressing concerns parents have over the possibility of something similar happening in Robertson County.

Chief Deputy Michael Van Dyke offers a candid conversation about the current situation on SRO’s and what parents, teachers and students can do to assist law enforcement to prevent anything similar from happening here.

In our conversation with Van Dyke we reference three recent situations involving students at two different Robertson County Schools in which two students were charged with making threats. For more information, we have included a link to our report.  Two Charged In School Threats In Robertson County

Below is a letter to the editor from a local parent with a message of thanks, appreciation and encouragement to teachers and faculty as they teach, mentor and protect our children at school each day.

Letter To The Editor:

Dear All Teachers and Principals of Robertson County:

You may never teach my child because of what school she attends, but you will teach someone else’s child at one point in time in your life as a teacher. After this week with the tragedy in Florida, our teachers need to be reminded by the parents just how much we are grateful for all that you do. Our children spend more time in school with teachers, nurses, officers, and principals than they do at home in a week’s time. Our children are molded and taught subjects that will benefit them for the rest of their adult life. However, our children aren’t just taught math, science, and social studies. Our children are taught respect, hard work, rewards, teamwork, consideration, kindness, and so much more. As the stories have unfolded this week with teachers giving the ultimate sacrifice for our students, parents are much reminded just how much our teachers and other faculty members do for our children.

Most days, parents and students only are reminded of being disciplined or the mounds of homework given by a teacher. If we are honest with ourselves and each other, parents and students owe a debt of gratitude to teachers and other faculty members that really can’t be measured through words for all the impact they make in the lives of students daily. Thank you for protecting our children to the best of your abilities every day. Thank you for the willingness to teach our children even on the days when they don’t want to be taught. Thank you for your sacrifices that as both parents and students we don’t see most days. As teachers and other faculty members, each one of you has a positive impact on the lives of students that transcends to the parents and friends and beyond to others. After this week, parents and students, please, remember to not take those who help you each day to one day become the person you will become for granted.

Teachers and faculty members, please always know that you are loved and appreciated beyond words even on the days when you aren’t told and even on the days when it seems hard to be a teacher. Teachers and faculty members, please, always know you are making an impact in this world on the next generations of children as well as their parents through what and how you teach your students.


A grateful parent

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