Science Fair Is A Big Hit With Students At White House Heritage Elementary

Friday was the 4th annual STEM science fair….
Stewart Williams Ad a snowflakes

Smokey Barn News
Saturday March 14, 2015
White House, Tenn.

Science Fair At White House Heritage Elementary  
  A Model For Things To Come? 

Friday was the 4th annual STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) science fair at White House Heritage Elementary in Robertson County.

The purpose of the event is to get students excited about science. It is a model being looked at by other schools in the county. Take a look inside the program in this exclusive video report you will only see on Smokey Barn News.


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  1. Sharon

    I am having trouble viewing the video…did it get taken down or is there a link error?
    I’d like to see it, I was told that I was in it!