Set Your Clocks BACK Tonight! (Daylight Saving Time)

Set Your Clocks BACK Tonight!
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Smokey Barn News
Saturday November 1, 2014
Robertson County, Tenn.  

Set Your Clocks BACK Tonight! (Daylight Saving Time)

Tea table 300 adDon’t forget to turn your clocks BACK one hour tonight or you’ll be that silly one that walks into church way too early in the morning, you know they’ll all know…

All the fire departments in the world want you to change your smoke detector batteries as well. A little time now can save your life later.

Oh, and,  as Smokey does every time there is a time change, we have added our fun video of Jim Ball setting the Robertson County Courthouse clock. Tag along with Jim as he climbs to the tippy tip top of the Robertson County Court House tower to set the clock while he tells silly jokes all the way.. Other than a news guy, Jim is also a clock maker and manages the big old clock.  Jim rebuilt the old clock in 2006 during the courthouse restoration and he has been managing the clock ever since.. So if you are new to Smokey enjoy Jim’s delightful tour of the Courthouse clock and roof above.  Clock Room Tour VIDEO:  

VIDEO Clock Tower Tour AFTER YOU WATCH THE VIDEO, click HERE for some interesting photographs of the Robertson County Court House Tower Clock.
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