Springfield Girl Honors Sheriff’s Dept With 200 Valentines

Springfield Girl Honors Sheriff’s Dept With 200 Valentines

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – For several years, ten-year-old Kylee Mayhew has had a mission, make sure the police know they are appreciated, today at the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office she brought 200 Valentines Day cards, enough for every deputy.

Smokey Barn News was given exclusive access to the very special delivery this morning at the Sheriff’s Office. If Kylee has one gift for sure, it’s making people smile.

With her Grandmother, Rose Crumb, the two have handed out countless bottles of water, thank you cards, hugs and even prayer to any officer they could find.

Police have come to know them on sight. For police, it means that for a few minutes the stress and dangers of their job are set aside for a cold drink of water and a nice hug from a little girl and her grandmother that want them to know that they appreciate what they do.

Kylee has so touched local law enforcement that a couple of years ago several local Springfield Police Officers pulled their money together and bought Kylee a brand new bike for her birthday. Smokey was there to capture the moment Kylee received her new bike.

Kylee’s kind words, cold water, and hugs come at a time when police don’t often find themselves on the receiving end of appreciation making Kylee’s work all the more special.

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