Springfield Officers Rescue Man Pinned By Lift-Gate

A man unloading a box truck became hopelessly pinned after….

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Thursday September 25, 2014
Springfield, Robertson County Tenn.

Springfield Officers Rescue Man Pinned By Lift-Gate

IMG_9906Just before 3:00AM Thursday morning, a man unloading a box truck for O’Reilly Auto Parts in Springfield became hopelessly pinned after the truck’s lift failed causing the load to shift. The right track failed, as it did the load shifted to the right pinning the man between the load and the support chain. In the photo (Right) the man was pinned just about where you see the green box. 

As the load shifted it also pinned the mans foot under it. Smokey was told at the scene that the load probably weighed somewhere south of  two thousand pounds. Remember it’s 3:00AM, no one around, luckily the man had his phone and was able to call 911. A Springfield officer just happened to be around the corner and arrived quickly.

The officer quickly realized the man was dealing with some amount of pain and having a little difficulty breathing due to being pinned.  The officer quickly did what he could to relieve some of the pressure so the man could breathe a little easier while calling for additional help. Three additional officers arrived and the four officers gave it all they had pushing against the load. Luckily for the man the combined effort of all the officers was enough to free the man.

Springfield Fire and Robertson County EMS responded quickly and the man was transported to Northcrest Medical Center in Springfield.

Though the man will probably be sore for a few days he sustained no life threatening injuries and I’m sure will always feel grateful to those four Springfield Officers, the same four officers that had worked an armed robbery just hours earlier.

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