THP To Conduct “Sobriety Checkpoint” Week Of Nov. 27

THP To Conduct “Sobriety Checkpoint” Week Of Nov. 27

THP To Conduct “Sobriety Checkpoint” Week Of Nov. 27

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – If this seems like a ditto you’re right. Smokey Barn News just announced that the Tennessee Highway Patrol was going to be conducting checkpoints on the week of November 20th in Robertson County. Those checkpoints were for safety-belts. MORE

Today the Tennesse Highway Patrol announced that the following week (the week of November 27th) the agency will be conducting “Sobriety Checkpoints.”

“The Tennessee Highway Patrol will be conducting a “Sobriety Checkpoint” during the week of November 27, 2020, on US Highway 41 at the Greenbrier City Limits and Lights Chapel Road
area in Robertson County from 11 pm to 1 am.

“Impaired driving is a serious crime that kills more than 16,000 people and injures 305,000 others every year in the United States. Troopers will evaluate drivers for signs of alcohol or drug
impairment. Troopers will target those who operate a vehicle ensuring the protection of all motorists.

“The Tennessee Highway Patrol recognizes that sobriety checkpoints are highly visible and effective tools in the battle against impaired driving.”


Why do police advertise checkpoints ahead of time?

Because of the Fourth Amendment. The Fourth Amendment protects citizens against unreasonable searches and seizures, however, sobriety checkpoints are not prohibited by the Fourth Amendment (if) police advertise them in advance.There are even Apps that display police checkpoints on a map by using GPS and self-reporting by other users, similar to what Google Maps does with its traffic congestion feature. In fact, if a police checkpoint causes any kind of back up it will likely appear as a congestion on Google Maps automatically.

Standard protocol at a police checkpoint is to collect the person’s name and ID which is run for wants and warrants.  If you don’t have a valid license you will likely be cited.

If stopped at a sobriety check, police may also determine that there is “probable cause” to search a vehicle. That could lead to finding illegal drugs or weapons, according to Wikipedia.