VIDEO: Tigger The Cat Is In Trouble… Several Days Now…

To reach out to the owner directly…
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Smokey Barn News January 31, 2014 Springfield, Tenn.

See Video Below: Tigger the cat has gotten herself in a bit of a predicament. The location of the utility pole is 6357 Crawford Store Rd in Springfield. Here’s a hot link to the Tigger’s location. LOCATION To reach out to the owner directly contact Smokey Barn News at 615-513-9844

TiggerUPDATE: Tigger is down 10:00AM

A neighbor said that four buzzards were circling within about 15 feet of the cat this morning and that’s when Tigger decided that she’d had enough and began working her way down. The neighbor said Tigger made it only a few feet down before dropping to the ground but seemed OK.  CEMC arrived moments later. The owner, Tamber Hindsley,  said they would be taking the cat to the vet, but at the moment Tigger was being hand fed tuna and drinking plenty of water

Tamber Hindsley, would like to thank everyone for their support.

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