VIDEO: Tigger The Cat Is In Trouble… Several Days Now…

To reach out to the owner directly…
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Smokey Barn News January 31, 2014 Springfield, Tenn.

See Video Below: Tigger the cat has gotten herself in a bit of a predicament. The location of the utility pole is 6357 Crawford Store Rd in Springfield. Here’s a hot link to the Tigger’s location. LOCATION To reach out to the owner directly contact Smokey Barn News at 615-513-9844

TiggerUPDATE: Tigger is down 10:00AM

A neighbor said that four buzzards were circling within about 15 feet of the cat this morning and that’s when Tigger decided that she’d had enough and began working her way down. The neighbor said Tigger made it only a few feet down before dropping to the ground but seemed OK.  CEMC arrived moments later. The owner, Tamber Hindsley,  said they would be taking the cat to the vet, but at the moment Tigger was being hand fed tuna and drinking plenty of water

Tamber Hindsley, would like to thank everyone for their support.

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Latest Comments
  1. Nita

    NO! She’s not “just a cat”. She is a live creature who feels the same things we do, pain, hunger and emotions. I see red when I hear someone say this!! Happy for the ending.

  2. Tonya Bailey

    I’m SSSSOOOO glad Tigger is alright! I forwarded the report to all if my Facebook Peeps and had called my husband (we live in Madison) to find out if he knew anyone with a bucket truck ….. Tamber they are our Family, for some they are our Babies. I’m so happy and please kiss Tigger for me! Could you keep up to date after Vet visit?

    • Tamber Hindsley

      Tonya, I couldn’t agree more, she is like my 2nd child lol! We just left the vet and she is doing well. A little dehydrated but fine and dandy! I have not let her out of my sight! If it wasn’t for allergies I would make her a inside cat immediately! I will give her love from you and your family, thank so much for your support and concern!

  3. Tamber Hindsley

    I am truly grateful to the people of Robertson County that have shown support and concern for Tigger. I would like to personally hand write each and everyone of you a heart felt letter expressing my gratitude. I’ve had some rude people say to me, “well it’s just a cat, calm down”, well to those people here’s a “nice” message! She may just be a cat to you, but to me, she is part of my family and we love her dearly. She has brought joy and love to my family, as hopefully we have given to her. Again, I do thank you all so very much for all of the help, it did not go unnoticed and will never be forgotten.

  4. Cheryl Jackman

    Really disgusting that someone in Robertson Co. can’t help these people out with getting this cat off the pole. What happened to us being the volunteer state. What about cruelty to animals, isn’t it cruel to leave a cat stuck on a pole. Someone out there ought to be able to help!!!!!

  5. Tiffany

    Someone needs to get her, she can’t go that long without food and water! Shame in the fire dept for not helping!

  6. Me

    Call the cable company or phone power what ever is connected to the pole and tell them the cat is chewing on the lines there get some one out there get the cat down and check out the lines