Two Arrested In Springfield After Search Warrant Turns Up Guns And Drugs (VIDEO)


Two arrested After Search Warrant Turns Up Guns And Drugs

Two Arrested After Search Warrant Turns Up Guns And Drugs

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – After receiving numerous complaints about drug activity and gunshots, Springfield Police conducted an investigation and developed enough evidence to obtain a search warrant for a home on 15th Ave in Springfield.

During the raid Friday afternoon Police say they found two handguns and a small amount of drugs in the home and took Shaquille Dunn, 25, of Springfield (right) and Christopher Beasely, 21, of Gallatin (left) into custody.

Both were charged with Unlawful Carrying Or Possession Of A Weapon. Beasley faced an additional charge pertaining to a Schedule I-VII Drug Violation.

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Latest Comments
  1. Concerned Citizen

    How do you get an unlawful carry charge if the guns were inside the home? That’s Castle Doctrine SPD are a bunch of dopes I’m fine with the drug charges against Mr Beasley but to charge them with unlawful possession is a waste of time and tax money because those charges will never stick a public defender can get that thrown out no problem.

    • I Know Better

      Well Mr. Uneducated citizen, if you bothered to listen to the interview or had the slightest common sense, you would know that these two dopes are convicted fellons, and are prohibited from carrying or being in the possession of any type of firearm. SPD is doing their job, and id suggest you leave the law enforcement and the comprehension of law to the trained professionals.

      • Still Correct

        There’s no proof that they were in possession of the firearms idiot. The house was owned by one of the suspects grandmother so both weapons could easily be claimed by her so as I said the 1st time this is a total and complete waste of my tax dollars trying this guys for charges that will fail and given Chuck Bogles track record I’m sure the defendants attorney will make an argument that he planted the guns and narcotics there.