VIDEO: UNARCO Employees Strike Over Wages

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UPDATE April 5:

The Unarco union strike has been settled. The union committee met with the company Thursday and agreed to additional improvements to workers’ wages, pension and healthcare premiums. The contract is in effect as of today and striking workers will return to work Monday, April 8.

“We at Unarco are happy with the resolution of the union contract and are definitely looking forward to getting back to full production on Monday. We’ve seen some people this week really pull together and try and get things out the door.  We have actually sent out a lot of trucks, a whole lot more than anybody thought we would. We have definitely pulled together as a team.  We have had office people out in the plant helping out as well which is more than a team building effort. As a company, I think we are stronger after this. So, Monday Morning everybody will be back at the plant and we will be in full production. Our customers have been very understanding. It has been a long week but it is over and we are ready to go back.” Linda Lascara, Vice President, Marketing & Retail at Unarco Material Handling.


150 of UNARCO Material Handling, Inc’s over 700 employees have gone on strike in Springfield as of 12:01AM Monday April 1st 2013
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UPDATE: April 1st, 2013 12:00PM 

UNARCO has responded to the strike with the following statement (below). Smokey Did chat with Linda Lascara Vice President, Marketing & Retail at Unarco Material Handling. She indicated (as does the letter below) that the companies position on the strike is that Unarco’s offer was fair.  Linda also said that some employees are crossing the picket line and they are doing the best they can with the limited staff to move product for their customers during the strike. As soon as Smokey has a chance to meet with union leaders we will let you know.Unarco LOGO

Unarco Material Handling, Inc

Springfield, Tennessee

March 29, 2013


After two weeks of intensive negotiations between Unarco Material
Handling, Inc. and Local 1441 of the Machinists’ Union, the Unarco
employees who are represented by the Union voted on Thursday
afternoon, March 28, to reject the Company’s last proposal to settle
the terms and provisions of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Those employees also voted to commence a work stoppage beginning at
midnight on Sunday, March 31.

The company is extremely disappointed with the rejection of its offer
which it believes was fair, particularly given the level of
settlements between labor unions and companies all over the United
States over the last 2 to 3 years. The Company’s proposal was for a
wage increase of more than 3% for each of the 3 years of a new
agreement, a significant increase in the Company’s contribution to the
Machinists’ Union Pension Fund, and a reduction in the employees’
share of the medical insurance premiums.

The company does not believe that many of the employees who voted
against the agreement, or to strike, were aware of the consequences of
their action. Beginning Monday, April 1, the employees will be
responsible for paying the full amount of the monthly premium for
their group life insurance. Employees who elect to go on strike are
not eligible to collect unemployment compensation under Tennessee law.

The Company will continue to operate and will provide security for
those employees who elect to come to work. The Company is hopeful that
the Union and the employees it represents will consider their position
so that any work stoppage does not extend more than a few days, and
the employees and their families will not suffer the economic loss
resulting from the strike. The Company is also hopeful that those
employees who participate in the strike will honor the rights of
employees who elect to come to work and will not engage in unlawful
acts of threats, intimidation or vandalism of either Company property
or the property of other employees.

Unarco Material Handling Inc Location of company     
Unarco Material Handling Inc Company Website

Smokey will keep our eye on the negotiations, as soon as new information becomes available or union officials make a statement we will provide it to you.

Jim Ball reporting April 1st, 2013 12:00PMstrike 001 strike 003 strike 004 strike 005 strike 006


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Latest Comments
  1. Pfft

    what a waste for just 5 cents more

  2. Bob Jones

    Renee if your husband has worked there for 35 years, why hasn’t he left if the place sucks so bad? I do work there and this was a really good deal. Everyone suffered through some tuff years at Unarco, including the employees that are not part of the union. It wasn’t like we all got rich while the union workers took a bath; we all took a pay decrease. I hope all these workers that walked keep walking to the unemployment line where they belong. There are plenty of skilled workers ready to step in and take their job!

    • James

      Well it’s like this we voted for a pay cut to help out the company to and and office workers got cut to. We was nice and asked for it back this last contract and voted it in with out. Things changed office got theirs back after we signed and all we got was shut up money not even close. So the people who don’t get dirty need to get payed more.Really I would be back monday for a nickle more just to show that a few cents more would pay more at the back door.
      P.S I see rob jones as a fake name you want my full name just ask lol.

      • Bob Jones

        James not sure what BS your Union spewed out to you but your comments are a 100% incorrect. Your comment, “office got theirs” is incorrect; non of us are back to what we were before recession. I’ll be glad to show you my pay stub of 2009 compared to now. But you union guys stick to your guns and see what it gets you.

    • Pedro macguggin

      Plenty of skilled workers ready to step in and take their job. This must explain why Unarco has not been able to hire a qualified tool and die, or maintenance personnel in 2 yrs. Those qualified temps should have stepped in this week and had those mills up and running, not to mention the dies that were transported to be serviced. Qualified temps…..LOL

  3. renee Wooden

    You people that have left comments about unarco ‘s union Strike and don’t know anything about it ,never work their ,,never been in the place have no idea, why the hell r u saying anything about it? Some of you ran for office in the union ,cross the picket line and r still going to benifit from it , Cross the picket line and in the union, that is just wrong. know what your talking about before you make a comment. Unarco Union I support you all the way, you do all the hard work and desire awhole lot more than they will ever offer.

    • Carl Crawford

      This lady is just a sheer idiot. She has never worked there either

      • renee Wooden

        My husband has worked their 35 yrs. and I’m not the IDIOT here,

      • James

        Carl can tell me were there is a Costco is at lol.

    • jason jernigan

      bob i am in the union and our walkin in the strilke yes we all too pay cuts but in th contract we had when management got there wages and stuff back the actual works were suppose to get there back too and we never did. If it was not for some of us the would not be gettin a bonus like they do. so u need to get ur facts straight before u post astuff that u dont know all the facts on. And as for the unemployement comment if it was
      not for the employees on the floor then that’s were u would be at. And if u want to show a pay stub from 09 thes fine cause i was layed off november if 09and i took a pay cut before i was layed off and as of august of 2012 im making what i was making before i got layed off but the econoe has turbed around since then