Viral Threat To “SHS” Triggers Local Investigation In Springfield

Viral Threat To “SHS” Triggers Local Investigation In Springfield

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Springfield Police and the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office are currently investigating an Internet (social-media-based) message circulating in Springfield that directs a threat to the acronym “SHS.”

The threat does not mention Springfield High School or even a state and Detectives have yet to determine the veracity of the message.

“We were notified of a generic viral Facebook post that did make a threat to “SHS” which is the acronym for Springfield High School. However, we have been informed that several municipalities in several states have been made aware of this same threat, and they are also investigating.” Robertson County Sheriff

The message (pictured left) reads “Yes SHS is the school I want.” Followed by; “I will not be telling people what my name is, but I will bring a gun to school tomorrow so be prepared to hear shoots.”

Authorities told us that they have been fielding hundreds of calls from concerned parents and they are working hard to ascertain the origin of the message. Parents have also reached out to Smokey Barn News with their concerns and we too have reached out to authorities.

We have learned that there are some individuals that may be exploiting the fear and anxiety left in the wake of the tragedy in Florida but as a precautionary measure, authorities have increased security at Springfield High School during their investigation.

Other cities react to the same post.

Springfield OHIO

Third-party threat against Springfield High School brings police to campus Tuesday

Springfield IL

Springfield High adding extra security Thursday after ‘SHS’ threat

TUPELO, Miss – About the same message is already using the term “hoax.”


If more information becomes available we will bring it to you.

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