Wreck Takes Out Light Control Box At Memorial & Tom Austin

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Friday September 26, 2014
Springfield, Robertson County Tenn.

Wreck Takes Out Light Control Box At Memorial & Tom Austin

UPDATE: According to officials, the light at memorial and Tom Austin will be out until Tuesday the 30th.  (More below)

carpet samples 300 adAround 11:30PM Friday evening a two vehicle accident at the intersection of Memorial Blvd and Tom Austin Hwy caused damage to the control box for the traffic light.

At the moment the light at Memorial Blvd and Tom Austin Hwy is not functioning.

It will likely be a few hours before the light is fully operational again.

No one was seriously injured in the accident but the driver of the black vehicle told Smokey that the airbag exploding in her face wasn’t any fun.

According to police, the two vehicles were heading in opposite directions on Memorial Blvd. The two vehicles collided (almost head-on) as the red vehicle attempted to turn onto Bluegrass Dr.

The two vehicles ended up over 100 feet apart.

Police are still investigating the cause of the accident. No drugs or alcohol are suspected.

UPDATE: Springfield Police Chief David Thompson told Smokey this afternoon that officials are working on a temporary solution. Thompson wanted to assure the public that officials understand the intersection is a critical part of traffic flow in Springfield and a temporary solution will be implemented to address the issue until repairs can be made.

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