Former Millersvillsville Police Chief Addresses Private Photo Released To Media

Former Millersvillsville Police Chief Addresses Private Photo Released To Media

Former Millersvillsville Police Chief Addresses Private Photo Released To Media

MILLERSVILLE TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Former Millersville Police Chief Distin Carr is responding following the release of a compromising graphic photo of him in uniform taken in a restroom. The photo was pushed out to the press and on social media on Thursday.

Smokey Barn News was not able to validate the authenticity of the photo that is being shared on various platforms across social media so we reached out to Carr for comment. Carr tells Smokey Barn News that the photo was released to the press to “harm him and his family.” We have added his statement below.

“The photograph in question was taken privately. It was shared illegally without my consent in order to harm me and my family. I want the citizens of Millersville to know that throughout my entire career, I always took pride in performing my duties with great honor and integrity. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have been able to serve the Millersville community. Following my voluntary resignation, I’m excited to have the opportunity to spend more time with my supportive wife and children as I pursue a new career in the private sector. I’m unable to make further comments at this time.” Dustin Carr

Carr stepped down from his position as Police Chief in Millersville after serving the city for about ten years moving up through the ranks.

The city of Millersville released the following statement regarding Carr’s departure. “Chief Carr felt it was a good time to seek an opportunity that will allow him to spend more time with his family, especially his children. We wish Chief Carr all of the best in his new endeavor.”  Scott Avery City Manager City of Millersville FULL STORY

Carr was investigated by the TBI last year for domestic assault. The case was presented to the Grand Jury and a No True Bill was returned, meaning their decision was not to indict Carr and the case has been closed. According to the TBI, all their data was presented to the DA’s office last year and Carr is not currently under investigation.

As far as the photo, Smokey Barn News will not be sharing any aspect of it in part or in full.

Smokey Barn News has confirmed with Millersville City Manager Scott Avery that he did recently receive about seven letters from current Millersville Police Offices commending Carr as a mentor and a leader.

Moving forward…

The city of Millersville has appointed retired Metro and Alcoholic Beverage Commission supervisor Melvin Brown as the Interim Police Chief. “Chief Brown brings a wealth of experience and the stability of a long successful background in law enforcement to Millersville at a time when the department is in a transition. We look forward to Chief Brown being very successful in his new endeavor and look forward to continuing to move the City of Millersville and especially the Police Department forward into the future.”  Scott Avery City Manager City of Millersville