Short Power Outage Planned In Greenbrier Tonight (VIDEO)

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Short Power Outage Planned In Greenbrier Tonight 

GREENBRIER TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – CEMC officials tell Smokey Barn News that they are going to interrupt services to about 4000 Greenbrier customers around 10:00pm tonight but the power should be out for just a few minutes.

Greenbrier has had some power issues over the last few days, all triggered by a down tree on Saturday. A regulator, located at a power station on Old Greenbrier Pike MAP, didn’t seem to want to go back to work after the outage so it’s going to that big regulator heaven in the sky.  A replacement regulator is being put in it’s place.

CEMC officials will be working all day in almost triple digit heat to get the new regulator hooked up. They estimate that they will be ready to throw the switch around 10:00pm tonight and the process will take about 15 minutes if all goes well.

Smokey Barn News is in communication with CEMC officials, any updates will be posted here.


The replacement of the regulator went as planned. The power was out for about 30 minutes.  Smokey Barn News covered the activation of the regulator during the power outage LIVE. Below is a recording of that broadcast. Several thousand tuned in to the live feed.

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