VIDEO: Oh Dear, Not Again, Deer Breaks Into RC School

Oh Dear, Not Again, Deer Breaks Into RC School

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – A deer broke into Westside Elementary School and made a bit of a mess Tuesday morning.

Wildlife Officer Kaleb Stratton (now referred to as the deer whisperer) apparently just walked the deer out of the building. Stratton told Smokey Barn News that once outside the deer simply scampered off like it never happened.

According to Officer Stratton, the 2.5/3.5-yr-old whitetail buck broke in through an emergency exit. Stratton estimates the deer had been inside the school for about two hours.

“Teachers will be going over the 4 R’s at Westside today. Reading, Righting, Rithmetic, and Rut,” Stratton added.

Earlier this month a deer broke into Payne Chevrolet and took a tour. (SEE VIDEO BELOW PHOTOS) Now it’s a school. Police are comparing photos as they seek a motive.

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