A Landmark Gone As A Road Reopens In Springfield

A Landmark Gone As A Road Reopens In Springfield

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE (Smokey Barn News) – Main St in Springfield has reopened following Thursday’s fire that destroyed a building that was part of Springfield for many years.

Main St at Central Ave has been closed since the fire due to concerns that the main wall that faced Main St could collapse. Now the wall is gone and only a pile of rubble and charred vehicles remain. See updated photos of the scene below this report.

The Springfield Fire Department is still investigating the cause of the fire but the level of devastation along with the type of business that occupied the building will likely complicate the process.

This is one of many landmark buildings in Springfield that have been lost to time, weather or fire. Smokey Barn News has covered the demolition of many of them starting with the Nazarene Church on Main St (full story) and the old gas station across the street. (full story) The old triangle roof station at the corner of Memorial Blvd and 5th, (full story) the Woolen Mill on Main St (full story) and the Royal Inn on Memorial Blvd which was a popular spot in its day. (full story)

Below is a recap of our coverage of the B & J Automotive building fire on Thursday, including our live feed at the scene and an interview with the business owner JD Burdge.

Massive Fire Destroys Springfield Business

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – A massive fire tore through a large downtown building Thursday morning leaving the building a total loss.

The building was home to B & J Automotive and is located at 1324 South Main Street in downtown Springfield. MAP The building sits at the intersection of Main St and Central Ave within site of the Robertson County courthouse.

The fire was called into 911 just before 6:30 am. When firefighters arrived the building was showing heavy smoke and within 15 minutes was a ball of fire putting out a plume of smoke that was visible from as far away as Barren Plains.

The heave plume was pushed by early morning winds blanketing the downtown Springfield area. Power to the area around the structure has been turned off, according to city officials. The power may remain off for several hours. City officials are asking for the publics’ patience until the scene can be cleared.

City officials say that roads around the building will remain closed likely throughout the day.

The cause of the fire is still unknown and city leaders tell Smokey Barn News that they have no information leading them to believe that anyone was inside the building. Springfield fire investigators will try to determine a cause of the fire but the level of destruction and age of the building may complicate their investigation.

B & J Automotive is an automotive repair facility that has worked on some very expensive vehicles. Smokey Barn News published a story on 1954 300SL Gullwing Mercedes that was brought into B & J Automotive for repair. A Gullwing Mercedes in reasonable shape can run over $1,000,000.00. Smokey Barn News did a special feature on the car at B & J Automotive several years ago. For more photos of the Gullwing and our full story click here.

Rehab 83 is on the scene serving water, snacks, chairs and whatever else firefighters need as they battle the fire.

Smokey Barn News was live on the scene early on. For a recording of the feed click here.

Business owner,  JD Burdge, talks with Smokey Barn News about the fire, how the community has reacted and what his plans are for the future.

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