Royal Inn CLOSED Final Guests Trade Room Key For Jail Cell​ (What Should Go In Its Place?)

Royal Inn CLOSED Final Guests Trade Room Key For Jail Cell​

(What Should Go In Its Place?)

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – About four years in the making, the Royal Inn, once a beautiful gem in Springfield, has finally come to the end of its proverbial rope.

It would be obvious to any passer-by that the Royal Inn’s better days have long since passed but now the future of the motel is set in stone. After using up every last measure to buy more time, the Royal Inn has finally closed for good.

At 8am Monday morning, Springfield city officials turned off all the utilities to the tired old motel, (gas water and electric) marking an end of an era and perhaps a beginning of something new.

It all began back on August 28th 2014 when part of the hotel was condemned. (full story) It was all part of a Slum Clearance Ordinance, according to Springfield Codes Administrator Mark Fields. It’s actually a state law adopted by the Springfield Mayor and Alderman over 10 years ago. It’s in title 12 of the municipal code. It was intended to deal with blight. “It’s a process of how to deal with dilapidated structures and get them gone,” Fields said.

Back in 2014 Fields told Smokey Barn News that under the Slum Clearance Ordinance he had already demolished about 200 structures in Springfield. Former City manager Paul Nutting and former Mayor Billy Paul Carneal asked the Codes department to do what they can to clean up Springfield. “The goal is to make Springfield a clean safe place and we do something everyday to that end,” Fields said..

Back in 2014 the city of Springfield paid $1000 to get outside structural engineer Michael Vines, SE from Brentwood to do a full inspection on the hotel. The city was looking for an independent evaluation from someone that had no ties to the city. The report came in on the 18th of August and the very next day there was a fire at the hotel and seven days after that a guest passed away in the hotel.

To understand what’s wrong with the building, think of a skeleton, it’s the skeleton of the building that has just worn out. It’s the part of the building that holds it all together, it’s the wood and metal under the facade that needs to be replaced, not the cosmetics. The repairs needed are so extensive Fields said “It would be easier to tear it down and build it back. It’s a matter of public safety, Fields said.

Parked right in the heart of Springfield’s main business district, the Royal Inn, is/was an eye-sore to most on-lookers but now there’s a chance for the prime spot to give birth to a new direction. It will be in the hands of Springfield city leaders to try to steer something fun in that spot.

Since the demise of the skating rink and bowling ally recently there is little to do in Springfield. With Springfield’s growing population perhaps the timing is right to start attracting businesses that offer something to the entire family.

The last two guests…..

When officials cleared the motel they found two remaining guests, likely the last two guests the Royal Inn will ever see. According to Springfield Police Chief David Thompson, after a quick warrant search, one of the guests was transported to a room the Robertson County Jail and the other soon followed.


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